About Us

We think .. We develop.

We are driven by our vision

OMA Media for Integrated Solutions Ltd. was found in the Republic of Sudan in the year 2006. We are specialized in media production services, technical consultations, design, advertisement campaigns, creating the visual identity of various institutions and entities, supporting our clients and helping them to shape their image in the market in an effective manner to accomplish the highest boom levels and efficient profitability.

We always strive to represent our clients in a way that creates a special position for them in the market with the maximum impact on the target audience of customers.

We maintain creative partnerships with some institutions and experience houses, both internally and externally, which allow us an ample room for the completion of the work assigned to us with the required quality and efficiency; in addition to our qualified, professional and creative team taking into account the delivery and completion according to the deadlines agreed upon with our clients.

Whoever approaches our door steps is warmly welcomed, bearing in mind that they should be fully satisfied while going out and attracted to come back again, because we are always seeking for the best and we do not delay any effort or energy for the sake of our clients' satisfaction.

We in OMA Media for Integrated Solutions Ltd. proceed from the universal human experience and we belong and authentically reflect a pure Sudanese culture which is characterized by diversity and richness, and this manifests in our commitment, competence and patience in the service of others.

Our Team Members

We think .. We develop.