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Interactive Media Service

The characteristics of modern means of communication are utilized, particularly the Internet, because they provide the tools of interaction between the sender and the receiver, and their ability of rapid and live broadcasting of information. Our services can be summarized in the following:

First: Web design

We proceed from the notion of that the appearance befits any discipline (companies, institutions, personal ...etc.). We take into account in programming and the use of the best and latest technology.

Second: Processing and content management services

OMA Media can add a perfect content after listening to clients and the purpose of the site, and determining their editorial identity. Also it is possible to manage the site's content and to work with the client in coordinating and managing the content to ensure that it meets the needs of the target audience. Furthermore, it can enhance the client's presence in the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube and other social networks, which are platforms required for the improvement of the clients` communicative marketing, as well as the business blogs, which are among the modern means of content management and an effective way to develop relations and credibility.

Third: Hosting

OMA Media adopts the latest specifications of servers for hosting the sites and ensuring the continuity of their development, it provides its clients with the latest Shared Web Hosting Bouquets that covers their needs.

Fourth: Domain Booking

We in OMA Media book the global and the Sudanese domains for our clients and grant them full ownership over them and provide many features that help in making full use of the domain.

Fifth: Mobile Applications

Due to the keenness of the company to keep up with all the technologies, and to meet the needs of users, it has been involved, within its objectives, in the field of mobile phone applications, where it designs and programs applications that meet the client's needs including distinct categories of content that attracts and serves the target group with the possibility of continuous updating.

Sixth: Interactive CDs and presentations

A full range of multimedia on CDs, which include introductions, Flash advertisements presentations and easy to use presentations for the companies such as flash presentations and professional PowerPoint for companies with distinctive designs.